Upcoming Tours...

Here are some of the possible tours I will be doing in the future.
Please comment and let me know which ones you are most interested in.
 Sci-fi & Horror London
A walking tour of some of the locations in these iconic Sci-fi and Horror movies:
Day of the Triffids
28 Days Later
An American Werewolf in London
V for Vendetta
Peeping Tom
Children of Men
and many more...
Shaun of the Dead Zombie Walk
Some the filming locations for Shaun of the Dead are in Finsbury Park & Crouch End, there's even a Winchester Pub in Highgate! *not the one from the film
But this is not just a Shaun of the Dead tour...this is also an Edgar Wright tour!
It will also include a trip to the house in Spaced, & then to Camden for a night out on the town like Tim & Daisy.
We will finish off at the World's End pub, the inspiration for 'The World's End'.

Camden Railway Pub Crawl
A nice, leisurely pub crawl along part of the railway in Camden.
Including pubs like...
The Constitution
The Colonel Fawcett
The Old Eagle
Tapping the Admiral
Camden Town Brewery

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