Pub Crawls

I love a good pub. I also love a good pint, usually of a nice real ale or craft beer. I have put together several pub crawls that highlight some of my favorite pubs.
All the pub crawls are £10 per person...that way you have enough to buy some pints.
These pub crawls are not about getting plastered and partying, these pub crawls are about drinking some good beer and learning the history of the pubs and local areas.
The groups will be no bigger than 15 people.
18 and over, obviously.
And please watch what you drink as not to ruin it for others on the tour and the other drinkers in the pubs.

The Seven City Gates of London
From Roman times the City of London was surrounded by a wall and this wall had seven gates leading in and out of the city. This pub crawl takes you along the old London Wall, or what's left of it, you will learn about the history of each gate. Along the way, we will also stop off at several historic pubs.
£10 per person
Dates to be determined.

Album Cover Pub Crawl: Soho to Camden Town
Starting at Berwick Street in Soho and finishing in the Stables Market in Camden Town we will see the locations of some famous album covers that have been photographed in London.
Along the way, we will stop off at several nice pubs to partake in libations to quench our thirst from all the walking we are doing.
£10 per person

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